The Importance of Putting Family First, or at Least Equal to Golf

Posted on February 4th, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

At Golf Pro Delivered, we salute all golf pros who put their family first, or at least on an equal level with their profession.   Soon we will be releasing an article titled: The Family Golf Lesson where we make suggestions to build on the strongest force in the US and abroad, the family.  All family members can help each other play better golf and we hope golf pros all around the world begin to promote golf to every one of their family members in an equal manner.

We give a salute to Michael Breed, who has shifted his great golf career to be able to spend more time with his family, including his young children.  Congrats to him for this excellent career move.  He serves as a shining example of how to have “family” and “golf.”  Let us retire the term “golf widow” and replace it with the term “golf partner” and have it apply to every member of your family.

It is great on a Saturday morning or Sunday morning to get up with the kids before daybreak.  Take them for a donut on the way to the golf course and play a few holes of golf with them as the sun rises.  I know.  This is what I did in the 1990’s going to the back nine of Rock Creek Golf Course in Washington, DC, the same place we went snow sledding in the winter.

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