Portable Golf Studio for Outing Entertainment Ideas for C Level Executives

Posted on February 4th, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

So, you want to throw a party.  What makes a great party, wonderful food and beverage, a beautiful setting, invited guests who mix very well, entertainment, great “photo opps,” time for conversation and fun – what is missing from this list?

One thing that is missing is making sure the event is “memorable,” and one way to make an “event memorable” is having the people at the party do something they will love to do, but have never done before.  Of the 13,000,000 customers who visited Top Golf last year, one-half of those had never hit a golf ball before.  But, driving to Top Golf is a hassle and while there are a growing number of them (congrats to the company for its wonderful growth), there is not one probably close to you.  So, the idea of a golf outing these days is pretty unrealistic for many companies, but how about bringing in a golf studio to your place of business so that your golf outing entertainment idea becomes more of a party entertainment idea and you can transform your office, lobby, rooftop space, warehouse or manufacturing space with a portable golf studio.

So, you can add a mobile golf studio with two PGA golf professionals to  come to your party, entertain and teach all those who want to learn how to hit a golf ball, or improve their swing, and add this great element to any party.  The Golf Pro Delivered founders, Nick and Jeff, have trained thousands of golfers in a friendly, inviting atmosphere that will show all those who attend the party how much fun it is to hit a golf ball better and better as you learn.

Fun and learning, especially doing something for the first time, like hitting golf balls in an inflatable simulator,  makes for a memorable event, the goal of every party.

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