How To Include Golf In Your Corporate Training

Posted on February 13th, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

While taking employees out to a golf course, or even a TopGolf facility is challenging, with today’s new Mobile, Inflatable Golf Simulator, you can incorporate no pressure, friendly, golf lessons as part of a Corporate Training Event.  Proper, useful golf training requires a professional golf instructor because these “pros” can quickly diagnose a person’s strength, flexibility, hand eye coordination, and within minutes suggest new, easy to learn techniques that instantly help a person hit better golf shots.

When this happens, people in the company know they are being rewarded, know they are being invited into the world of golf, know they are not being judged as the lessons are private in the mobile golf simulator, and in fifteen minutes or less the golf pros at Golf Pro Delivered can deliver an excellent golf lesson.  Also, there are many lessons from golf that translate into being better employees, better team players, and higher employee morale and engagement.

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