Plan a Luxury Event Entertainment with Portable Golf in Hamptons

Posted on March 5th, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

Plan a Luxury Event Entertainment with Portable Golf in Hamptons

There are a lot of opportunities for sprucing up a party – great catering, music and DJ, pool side, and one type of entertainment that is great for any type of party is a portable, inflatable golf simulator.  This simulator is brought on site and can be up in 45 minutes to have people hit golf balls, play simulated golf courses like Pebble Beach, and actually get in a good golf lesson to help them enjoy their experience. At Golf Pro Delivered you always get a PGA professional golfer providing the training.

The simulator works both outdoors and in indoor areas with ceiling heights of twelve feet and they need about 25 x 17 feet of space, so they work in many houses and all office buildings, lobbies, parking lots or driveways, and even front yards and back yards.  They are easy to rent by the hour, by the day, or even by the week and if you know you will need to rent the simulator numerous times in a given year for a series of parties or luxury event entertainment, discounts are available for packages.

In addition, for party entertainment in the Hamptons or anywhere in the US, the portable golf simulator may be the party answer you have been looking for.

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