Bay Hill Prediction by Lou Riccio of Golf Digest

Posted on March 15th, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

Bay Hill Prediction by Lou Riccio of Golf Digest
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Tiger’s recent play should move him up in the Model but there is a lag effect in making this week’s prediction.  The Model still rates his chances of winning low. He may have more difficulty achieving a top ten finish here than last week’s event. But his play just might be ahead of the Model.

As for the picks, the Model likes many of the usual suspects, although the recent play of some of these has been poor. McElroy, Stenson and Fowler have been anything  but top players.  I’m leaving them because they are trying to gear up for the Masters.
  1. Day
  2. Rose
  3. McElroy
  4. Matsuyama
  5. Fowler
  6. Stenson
  7. Watson
  8. Scott
  9. Noren
  10. Cook
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