Learning To Putt Better in a Golf Simulator

Posted on April 1st, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

Learning To Putt Better in a Golf Simulator

Can someone learn how to improve their putting in a golf simulator?  We believe the answer is “YES, to a significant degree.”

In a simulator we cannot simulate the wind, train people how to “read greens” which we know is a huge element of putting.

But, we can teach people the mechanics of the set up, stroke path, proper use of hands, arms, shoulders, help them create a perfectly straight face angle, teach them aim, and all of these things might actually be harder to teach on a golf course putting green.

Let’s have a conversation about the ways one can use an indoor or mobile golf simulator to teach people how to putt better.  We think that the simulator industry has not focused enough attention on this, but we know Foresight has a new device designed to measure all of the important elements of how the putter and putter face moves that can help all golfers become better putters in a simulator.

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