Reinventing The Christmas (“Holiday”) Party

Posted on April 6th, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

Reinventing The Christmas ("Holiday") Party

The Christmas or “Holiday” party is a great idea, but it is time to change completely how we think of this event.  We at Golf Pro Delivered hope that future Holiday parties can be family events, have wholesome activities, and focus less on food, drink, and just socializing.  We are fans of socializing, don’t get us wrong.  In fact, having an inflatable golf simulator at your indoor holiday party promotes great socializing because it is a “social catalyst.”

And people of all ages can come into the golf simulator hit a few golf balls, get a lesson from a PGA pro, and see their shots go up on the screen and see the data generated by their shot, how far and high the ball goes, how it curves, and can even play a simulated hole modeled after a hole at Pebble Beach or other great golf courses.

So, for men, women, children, everyone, adding a golf simulator will “reinvent” the Christmas Party.  We hope you agree and please contact us to learn more about our “party” options and services we provide at Golf Pro Delivered.

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