How Portable Golf Simulator is Suitable for Corporate Hospitality Entertainment

Posted on May 18th, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

How Portable Golf Simulator is Suitable for Corporate Hospitality Entertainment

The Team at Golf Pro Delivered was on site at the Helmsley Building’s gorgeous 5th Floor Terrace in Manhattan at 230 Park Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets.  Private Bar, large terrace overlooking some of the most expensive real estate in the world.  A “Tenant Appreciation Event” by the realty management firm brought over 100 people for a three hour Golf Pro Delivered centered event.  The Simulator was full the entire time.  Person after person got a real golf lesson.  Most of the people, especially the women business executives, had never hit a golf ball or had played only once or twice or hit balls at Chelsea Piers or some other driving range.

Corporate hospitality was the goal and it was achieved. Drinks flowed, food was eaten, and the event was a true luxury event.  People talked with each other about business and life in general and since people arrived from their offices in groups, team building was evident from the camaraderie and Golf Pro Delivered will be invited back regularly to one of Manhattan’s most glorious 5th Floor terraces in New York.

Your can make your corporate hospitality event engaging, wholesome, and help your employees and executives get a real golf lesson in an inflatable, portable golf simulator, that we bring to you, with PGA pros giving the best, short, precise, friendly, efficient, and successful golf grip and full swing golf lesson available in the golf industry.

PGA golf pros will deliver lessons nonstop through the event.  Drinks and food and putting lessons using our special drills to help even the novice putter become a good putter quickly, will leave a lasting impression on everyone who participates in the event.  Everyone can participate in this friendly environment with all of the latest golf simulator technology.  Find out how far you hit the golf ball, what direction it went in, play closest to the pin or have a long drive contest.  In addition, you can play simulated rounds on Pebble Beach and other great courses through our Foresight technology, viewing everything with our Epson projectors.

And, if you have the space, we can lay down putting mats and teach putting techniques using some of our unique drills designed specifically for putting on matts to a golf hole.  So, bring your putter, or use our great equipment provided by the best golf brands in the business!

How Portable Golf Simulator is Suitable for Corporate Hospitality Entertainment

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