Lou Riccio’s picks for The Memorial

Posted on May 29th, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

Lou Riccio's picks for The Memorial
After a couple of poor weeks, the Model performed well this past weekend at Colonial by placing picks in first, second, fourth, fifth, and fourteenth, and 8 of 10 making the cut. It did well even though Spieth, who should have been a sure top ten having finished first and second twice at his nearly “home” course the last three years, finished 32nd.
For this week, not only are most of the top players visiting Jack, they are charged to use this as a tune up for the US Open. So the best players should be firing on all cylinders. Here are the Model’s Ten picks, but it should be remembered that there are more than ten great players at this special event.
Not surprisingly, the Model places Spieth, Day and Dustin at the top of the pack. Is this the week Spieth remembers his putting magic? Same can be said for Dustin who leads the tour in Strokes Gained Tee to Green. If either has a good week putting, they may lap the field.
After those three the probabilities drop to a second level with Rose, Cantlay, McIlroy and Stenson bunched together. Rose put it all together this past weekend and may just be on a roll. McIlroy and Stenson might have learned something from Rose and could finally get their games in shape for the stronger courses they face this and coming weeks.
After those seven, the final three depend on what is emphasized. Kuchar, Michelson come out well when emphasizing all of their play for the last three years. Kuchar, Finau, Scott and Fowler come out well when emphasizing play on this specific course. And Justin Thomas jumps up due to play this year.
I’m going with Kuchar and Michelson. It’s a toss up between Finau, Thomas, and Fowler. I’m going with Finau to crack the top ten this week as his game seems to fit this course slightly better than the others.
  1. Spieth
  2. Day
  3. D. Johnson
  4. Rose
  5. Cantlay
  6. McIlroy
  7. Stenson
  8. Kuchar
  9. Michelson
  10. Finau

Where has Jordan Speith’s game been????

Lou Riccio's picks for The Memorial

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