Women and Business and Golf

Posted on June 5th, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

Women and Business and Golf          Women and Business and Golf

We at Golf Pro Delivered are committed to giving women exactly the same opportunities to play the game of golf, to use golf to help them in their careers and in forging excellent business relationships, and in making the golf course, any and every golf course, comfortable and inviting to every female player.  Maybe we are ahead of our times at Golf Pro Delivered, but we are proud of our commitment to make golf accessible to women.

We know there are many barriers that women experience regarding golf.  We can’t knock down every barrier, but we can inform women how to get around most of them.  Here are our top five tips for women who are interested in learning how to play golf and are interested in using golf as a way to promote excellent business relationships.

  1. Start learning about the game off the golf course, using indoor or mobile simulators, in private settings where you take lessons from a golf pro.  Bring your female friends to take lessons with you.  You can find indoor simulators and golf pros giving lessons at them in every city. We at Golf Pro Delivered have an inflatable, mobile simulator that can be rented where we provide two PGA golf pros to give quick, fun, and enduring golf lessons.
  2. Look for a course where you are genuinely invited by management.  There are many.  Put together a twosome, threesome, or foursome and just plan on playing a few holes.  If all of you are beginners, each person should hit a shot and then everyone picks up their ball and places it next to the best shot and everyone hits from there.
  3. Ask around your company as to who plays golf and see if you can get yourself invited to play a few holes of golf or go to the driving range, the putting green, or the chipping area with them.
  4. You will need golf clubs.  Buy a brand name after trying some at a golf store.  You need not start out with expensive clubs and you can buy clubs, once you know what you are looking for, used on ebay and from some manufacturers.  You also don’t need expensive golf balls, but we do recommend a good golf glove.
  5. Once you get comfortable at a golf course, especially if it has a restaurant, use it like Starbucks and meet people there.  Putting and chipping is always free at every course and invite them to hit a few chips and putts with you as you talk business or socialize.

We hope you find these tips useful.  Feel free to contact us at Golf Pro Delivered when you have any questions about how to get started or do more with the game of golf.

Women and Business and Golf

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