The New GPD Golf EcosystemTM

Posted on June 8th, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

The New GPD Golf EcosystemTM

As important as our patent pending inflatable shell with Foresight simulator tracking equipment is, we have expanded to create an entire GPD Golf EcosystemTM that we can bring to your location.  Our ecosystem includes our simulator and two areas where we have matts set up as putting greens for three people on each side of the simulator, and we have matts and golf hitting nets set up behind the simulator so that up to three people can use a full swing and any club to hit into the nets.

So, now, we can have nine people putting and hitting balls outside the simulator while one person hits balls inside the simulator.  The putting areas will be 12 x 20 on each side of the simulator and 12 x 20 near the back end of the simulator. Each area will be staffed by a golf pro giving lessons to everyone participating.

Contact us to learn more about this new golf program offered by Golf Pro Delivered.  This full service is available day or night!

The New GPD Golf EcosystemTM

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