Dell Technologies – Lou Riccio’s Predictions and for you “Pool” Bettors!

Posted on August 29th, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

Dell Technologies - Lou Riccio's Predictions and for you "Pool" Bettors!
For FanDuel players, the Dell presents some interesting choices. From a probability of winning standpoint, the chalk still dominates. The following is the top ten players from a winning probability standpoint by order of probability:

Johnson, Dustin
Rahm, Jon
Spieth, Jordan
Day, Jason
Thomas, Justin
Koepka, Brooks
Rose, Justin
Simpson, Webb
Woods, Tiger
Fleetwood, Tommy
But you must pick six players to stay under the 60,000 cap. By forcing the Model to pick exactly six, some lower probability but good buy players pop up. Theu chalk still hold at least three of the positions but after that some good players become viable.
The Model has three versions. One uses all data from the last three years, one empathizes play this year, and one emphasizes play on this course. Here are the pick six for each to maximize yield for your 60,000 alphabetically:
All                  Year               Course
Cantley         Cantley            Cook
Cook             Cook                Dahmen
Day                Dahmen          Day
Rahm             D Johnson      Rahm
Spieth            Rahm              Spieth
Wise              Spieth              Stenson
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