What Can You Learn in the Five Minute Golf Lesson

Posted on September 18th, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

What Can You Learn in the Five Minute Golf Lesson

Golf pros rarely give five minute golf lessons.  Most golf pros will say, teaching a golfer, beginning, intermediate or advance, anything that will improve their game in a lesson that is only five minutes start to finish is simply not possible.  Our experience at Golf Pro Delivered, www.golfgpd.com, after giving nearly 10,000 five minute golf lessons has taught us we can teach a beginner, intermediate, advanced or even professional golfer a few things that will help them become a better golfer in five minutes.

We respect the approach of Harvey Penick, the legendary golf instructor, who spent 20 minutes just talking with a new golf student about that golf student’s goals, athletic ability, golf experience, and level of commitment to their improvement.  This is a great way to teach golf, and we at Golf Pro Delivered recommend that any golf instructor who has a golf student sign up lessons fill out a “Pre-Golf Lesson Questionnaire to help the instructor learn about the student.

However, in this fast paced world where golf simulators are set up at Corporate Events, at Charity Events, at Community Events, and at private and business related parties, there are 20 people standing in line to hit a few balls and learn something in the golf simulator.

So, how do we do it?  Teach a golfer how to improve in five minutes of instruction.  First, we have a method of teaching the grip that takes thirty seconds and gives everyone a pretty good grip.  Different from Harvey Penick’s 30 second golf grip teaching (put your hands around a yardstick with either an overlap, interlocking, or ten finger grip), our grip teaching shows the student the fundamental relationship of the hands as they hold onto and move the handle, shaft and head of the golf club.

Second, we teach the turn of the golf swing, the back and forth, the weight shift, and the follow through.  A beginner only needs to see this once or twice to get a good idea of how to turn to hit a golf ball straight and long, since, again, as Harvey Penick says, it is a lot like throwing water out of a bucket.

Third, we teach them how to have “good speed,” how to make a fast swing which makes contact with the ball.

These three teachings, and about 10-15 swings by our beginning students in a simulator and they will see the distance and height of their golf shots grow.  For the advanced player, we watch several swings without a ball, and then with a ball, and after evaluating all of their faults, we recommend the move, or the change that with one action will fix several important flaws at once.  We will writing future articles based on our “See What, Say What” golf teaching methodology that will illuminate how we do this.

In five minutes we can also teach two other things that are critical to becoming a better golfer.  We teach confidence.  How, we show you that you can improve in just five minutes, so no telling what you can do if you really practice the game, study the proper form, and learn how each club works. Second, we teach our students that you can fall in love with the game of golf in five minutes, or actually in one shot that you did not think you could do when you stood over the ball, but learned you could do when you saw the ball soar on our simulator’s screen.

The five minute golf lesson is Golf Pro Delivered’s contribution to the game of golf.  It works in corporate settings, charity settings, private party settings, in family settings, and it is a fun way to attract the beginner to golf and to help the professional golfer who just missed the cut at a recent golf tournament.

What Can You Learn in the Five Minute Golf Lesson

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