Corporate Events – Where Golf Pro Delivered Fits in

Posted on September 28th, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

Corporate Events - Where Golf Pro Delivered Fits in








Corporate (and nonprofit organization) events should be entertaining and meaningful. Whether it is a corporate business development event, corporate training, employee (or tenant) appreciation, team building, leadership development celebrating some corporate milestone or a historical date important to the organization, or celebrating a corporate success, the ingredients of a successful corporate event should include good entertainment, high level acknowledgement of attendees and a wonderful location.  In  addition, it should also include something that adds to the attendee’s “experience of life.”  This could be some new activity, some activity where an attendee enjoys and appreciates what they learn at the event, or some activity that will be memorable in a very good way for the attendee.

Having a Golf Pro Delivered inflatable simulator meets all of these important criteria.  People will get a real golf lesson in a friendly, no pressure atmosphere.  They will see a beautiful simulator, with dynamic screen that show the ball flight, and they will get a few minutes of golf and golf instruction at its best.

We urge you to consider Golf Pro Delivered for your next corporate event.

Corporate Events - Where Golf Pro Delivered Fits in

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