Golf Simulator Rentals to Enhance Events

Posted on October 19th, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

Golf Simulator Rentals to Enhance Events









Golf Simulators like the one pictured above are mobile, can entertain lots of people, and can add “buzz” to almost any event.  People who have never swung a golf club can be taught in five minutes how to hit a golf ball in the air and fairly straight.  People who really good at the game can participate in long drive contests, closest to the pin and even vie for a “hole in one,” and great prizes can be awarded to the winners and all participants.

You can also add excellent mats to each side of the simulator to make great putting greens, add small chipping areas, add nets for hitting golf balls and warming up, plus, if staffed properly, one or two people working with the simulator company can teach the golf grip and get to know the person about to go inside the simulator and give them an excellent “pre-simulator” experience that will pay great dividends one they walk into the simulator ready to hit the ball, and see the immediate results of the shot. The simulator will show on the large screen in the simulator the simulated, but very real looking, flight, direction and trajectory of the ball, it will give a precise distance calculation, how far it to the left or right of the target, and lots of other important data about the results of the golf shot.

The event can be structured around the simulator or the simulator can be one of several main attractions of the event.  Mobile golf simulators by Golf Pro Delivered can be set up indoors or out of doors, in any type of weather, and give your event a “rainy day guarantee” that the event will be a smash.

Golf Simulator Rentals to Enhance Events

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