The 5 Minute Golf Lesson

Posted on October 23rd, 2018 by Herb Rubenstein

The 5 Minute Golf Lesson







OK, what do you do when you have this many people at an event who want to get into that Golf Rocket Ship, that industry folks call a “mobile, inflatable golf simulator, and get a great lesson on how to hit a golf ball.  Well, I admit, not everyone really wanted to jump into that simulator with one of our great golf instructors, but enough did so that we had to limit each person to five minutes of hitting golf balls, teaching the basics of the swing, teach them the grip, and have them, if they had never hit a golf ball before, get one airborne for at least 75 yards.

And, mission accomplished over 10,000 times in the last two years. We are perfecting the curriculum, the approach, the study, and the golf expertise we need to give the greatest 5 minute golf lesson to beginners and to experts alike.  We isolate the key moves with the legs, body, shoulders and hips, the position of the head and hands, the swing path, and how to bring the club head into the “hitting” or “impact area” in just the right way to get the ball to go pretty straight and pretty far, even for the beginner.

Watch our future white papers and blog entries into how we do the 5 minute golf lesson.  It is our goal to give over 100,000 5 minute golf lessons before 2022.  Onward.

The 5 Minute Golf Lesson







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