The Five Minute Golf Lesson and The 5 Minute Golf Lesson

Posted on January 27th, 2019 by Herb Rubenstein

The Five Minute Golf Lesson


The Five Minute Golf Lesson and The 5 Minute Golf Lesson

OK, what do you do when you have this many people at an event who want to get into our “mobile golf simulator?” We make it a great event qe staff it with PGA pros. Every person who goes into our mobile golf simulator receives a great lesson on how to hit a golf ball.  So many people love to get into our golf simulator that we often have to limit each person to five minutes of hitting golf balls. But, in five minutes, we teach the basics of the swing. We teach the grip. We have just about everyone, if they had never hit a golf ball before, hit at least one shot 75 yards or more. And we teach people how to hit the ball pretty straight, too. Not a bad introduction to the game of golf.

And, mission accomplished for over 10,000 people who have hit golf balls in our simulators over the last two years. We are always improving our golf training methods. We give the the ‘state of the art five minute golf lesson” to beginners and to experts alike.  We teach the key moves for successful golf. We focus on how to bring the club head into the “hitting” in just the right way to help everyone learn how to hit a good golf shot.

Watch our future white papers and blog entries into how we do the five minute golf lesson.  It is our goal to give over 100,000 five minute golf lessons before 2022.  We will do many Charity fund-raisers and corporate events as well throughout the country in 2019. In the past month, Golf Pro Delivered has held successful events in Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Long Island. We will be part of your golf future. Contact us now.


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