Golf Participation Up First Time in 14 Years

Posted on July 6th, 2019 by Herb Rubenstein

Golf Participation Up First Time in 14 Years






For our Veterans, for those who have not yet tried to hit a golf ball in the air, your time is now.  Golf Pro Delivered’s mobile golf simulators give you the chance in just a few minutes to hit a golf ball.  We set up our golf ecosystem at any event.  You can get a golf lesson,  hit a golf ball, and see it fly on the screen.  You can do something that seemed so “out of your realm,” just minutes before you stepped into our simulator.

Participation in golf, as measured by the National Golf Foundation, is on the rise for the first time in 2018 in 14 years.  This is the number of people who played at least one round of golf on a golf course.  When you add the number of people who have hit golf balls in Simulated Golf Environments (SGE’s) including:

Golf Pro Delivered

Top Golf

Drive Shack

About Golf

Foresight Simulators

HD Simulators

Flight Scope Simulators

E6 Simulators

OptiShot Simulators

Chelsea Piers

and others, now you are talking about millions and millions of new golfers every year. We, at Golf Pro Delivered, predict golf will grow and we are making it happen.

  • Check out how we can make your events great.  We can host a charity golf tournament everywhere:
  • in a shopping mall
  • at a factory floor
  • in a corporate golf wellness program
  • at an offsite meeting or retreat
  • at an outdoors golf tournament
  • in your office
  • at your hotel lobby
  • at your restaurant
  • church
  • community center
  • at an outdoor or indoor swimming pool or park,
  • and many other places.

And Golf Pro Delivered gives real golf lessons by real PGA and LPGA golf pros.  Every at the event can step into our simulator, putt on our putting greens and chip or pitch golf balls in our short game hitting area.

Our unique, patented simulators, and our golf ecosystems are right for your events.

Golf Participation Up First Time in 14 Years

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