Virtual Golf Classes: The next big thing in corporate events

Posted on August 10th, 2020 by Herb Rubenstein

Virtual events and classes have become part of the new normal of 2020, as in person corporate events have disappeared in light of Covid19. While some activities are obviously a good fit for virtual events, you may not expect golf to be on that list. However, we at Golf Pro Delivered have come up with a fun and creative way to keep business men and women connecting through golf, right on ZOOM.  


We offer a variety of golf class options like: “Power Golf”, “Golf Fitness Workout”, “Learn to golf from home in your living room” “Intro to golf” & “Short game master class”. The classes are designed to be fun, entertaining,  & very interactive and they’re open to all levels of players.  Normal classes can fit up to 100 participants, and higher amounts can be hosted with advanced notice and additional instructors to assist in interacting with a larger audience.


Our most popular class so far has been the “How to golf from home class”. Our PGA coaches have taken drills used by pros, and put a unique spin on them. Instead of using expensive training aids and golf clubs, we use items like books, coffee pods, sheets of paper, toilet paper, and of course face masks to re-create these drills. While having a laugh and participating along, participants are actually learning PGA quality drills, practice routines, and games that’ll help them improve for years to come.


So if your company is looking for fun and unique virtual team building, a virtual client appreciation event, or charity event, we’d love to be able to share our love for golf with you. Every company we work with is unique, so if you’d like to speak with a GPD professional about what a class would look like please email us at 


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