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Do you offer financing?

Yes, Financing is available for Home Golf Simulator Installs and for customers who own a Golf Business

Hearth Financing is available for Home Golf Simulator Installs

Please see the financing calculator below to get personalized rates.

Alliance Capital Financing is available for Golf Businesses

Please click the “Learn More” button below to explore financing options for your business. 

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How much space is required for the portable golf studio to operate properly?

The Golf Studio’s dimensions are 32ft long, 15ft wide, and 13ft high.

Does the space designated for the Golf Studio need to be perfectly flat?

We recommend a relatively flat service for the Studio to be used efficiently.

What if I don’t know if the space designated for the Golf Studio is flat enough?

Take a few pictures from different angles and email them to us!

Can the studio be setup in any any outdoor and indoor location?

The studio can be setup on any hard surface assuming our space requirements are met. If you’re setting up in an indoor venue, we recommend contacting us for floor padding so that your floors do not get damaged.

Is there any surface that can damage the Golf Studio?

Although the unit is extremely durable there are some precautions to take. Before setup, be sure to check for and remove any sharp objects in the space you’ve selected for your setup.

How heavy is the Golf Studio?

The studio is about 350lbs and a dolly can be used for easy transport.

How do I setup the studio?

To view our instructional video, please go to and click on “GPD Handbook”. If you are renting the unit our logistics team will take care of the setup and take down for you.

How many people does it take to setup?

We recommend at least 2 people for each setup and takedown.

How long does the studio take to setup and take down?

Two people who know what they’re doing can do a setup in about 20-25 minutes. Taking the studio down takes about 25-30 minutes. With additional people, setup time decreases significantly.

Is the Golf Studio flammable?

Our golf studios are made of high quality fire-retardant materials. However, there is no smoking permitted in the Studios.

Can wind become an issue to the stability of the Golf Studio?

Our studios are designed to stand strong in the wind, but because wind can be an unpredictable factor, we recommend using the sand bag tie downs at all times. If winds exceed 30 MPH, we recommend deflating the unit and waiting until the wind dies down before resuming play.

What happens if the Golf studio is punctured?

Our design is meant to prevent puncture. But it can withstand multiple punctures and still stand. In the case of puncture, we recommend using the repair kit to fix a hole right away, or contact our support line at 516-472-7293.

What if the power goes out and the studio collapses while people are inside?

The Studio will deflate slowly enough for everyone to get out safely. It is also equipped with emergency windows on three side and the roof for a quick escape from all angles.

How many people can stand inside at the same time?

We recommend no more than 5 adults in a golf simulator at any time. Spectators should always stand behind the white safety line during play. When someone is hitting, no one should be entering or exiting the studio. Children should always be under adult supervision in and around the studio.

Can I power the studio from a regular outdoor outlet from my house?

In many cases you can power the studio from an outdoor outlet. Minimum Amp requirement is 15 Amps but we recommend a 20 amp outlet. The blower uses the most power during the inflation process, so be sure to plug in other electronics only after full inflation of the studio.

What kinds of weather conditions can the studio be used in?

GPD studios can work day or night, rain or shine, and in temperatures below freezing. When facing the chance of rain or snow, you must attach our rain guards to ensure a water tight roof. All electrical outlets and plugs must remain inside the unit at all times during precipitation. The inflating blower outside must use the muffler cover to prevent water from touching the outlet.

What do I do if an extreme storm comes out of nowhere?

Always check the weather before using our studios. In cases of extreme weather and you don’t have time to do the full take down, please take the following steps: 1. Remove all technology from inside the studio and move to indoor storage. 2. Remove all power sources and allow the studio to deflate. 3. Get yourself to safety. For further details please refer to our GPD Handbook on the home page.

How do I prevent my lawn from dying if I want to leave the studio setup for more than a day?

We recommend removing the sandbags, deflating the unit, and then get 2-3 people to help you drag it to another location nearby where you can set-up next. If there is no other grass option nearby to rotate with, we recommend you set it up in your driveway or any other non grass flat surface.

Who is it for?

GPD encourages anyone who is interested in the sport of golf to be a part of the experience that Golf Pro Delivered brings. We will gladly bring the Studio to any location. If you want your Club or Resort to have The World’s #1 Portable Golf Studio give us a call today!

  • – New Golfers
  • – Seasoned Golfers
  • – Professional Golfers
  • – Golf Resorts
  • – Golf Clubs
  • – School Golf Teams
  • – Hotels
  • – Private Events
  • – Corporate Events
  • – Anyone interested in Golf!

What launch monitor is used in the Golf Studio?

The Golf Studio was designed to be compatible with every launch monitor on the market. Let us know which one works best for you and we’ll add it to your custom studio. If you’re not sure, give us a call at 516-472-7293 and we’ll help you find the best option.

What if I have problems with the software?

If you’re having any problems with the software, please contact customer support for the company who makes the product in question. A list of our partners and their support lines are available in the handbook on the home page.

How do I purchase additional courses?

Contact us and we’ll make sure to upgrade your package. 

How big is the Golf Studio when defalted?

When deflated, the golf studio is about 5 feet long, by 3.5 feet wide, by 3.5 feet tall.

How do I properly store my golf studio?

For optimal storage, we recommend using our Pelican custom weatherproof all-in-one cases. These can be kept indoor or outdoor, but it’s best to store your studio in a temperature above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I store my studio away when it’s wet?

Absolutely not. If your studio gets wet and gets put in storage mold will grow. Be sure to inflate your studio in the next dry weather and allow it to air out until dry before deflating and putting back in storage.

How long does a GPD Studio last?

Like most things, if you take care of your studio it will take care of you. On average a studio lasts around 10 years depending on how well you take care of it.

What kind of warranty does GPD Offer?

GPD offers a limited warranty of up to 1 year. For additional details please refer to your sales contract. 

How can I give someone a GPD Gift?

You can give the gift of a purchase, rental, or event! You can also give someone a custom amount towards GPD with a gift certificate! Use our gift GPD tab on the home page and we’ll help you make your next gift unforgettable.

How much does a studio cost?

For all pricing questions, please contact us at or call us at 516-472-7293