Home Golf Simulators

-Home Golf Simulator Installations-

We provide turn-key home golf simulator installations, with the promise of expert & friendly service.

Home Golf Simulators

*   Minimum space dimensions required: 12’Long x 12’Wide x 8’8″Tall  *

*  Ideal Space Dimensions: 20’L x 16’W x 10.5’T  *

* We offer personalized solutions to match any budget, ranging from $7,500 – $50,000 *

Simulator brands we install

Foresight Sports, Uneekor, Skytrak, Optishot, Trackman, Flightscope, AboutGolf, & Ernest Sports

***Financing available based on individual credit score of applicant***

Interested in purchasing a golf simulator but don’t know where to begin?

We recommend you go through answering this checklist, and then copy and paste this section in an email to [email protected] where you’ll get zero-obligation feedback from one of our expert simulator installers.


  1. What is the main reason why I want this golf simulator? (Example: to improve my game with data, for recreational use, to coach professionally… etc)
  2. Would I like this simulator to be permanently affixed in my room, or would this need to be moved to another home or apartment eventually? Or would I like this to be highly moveable (meaning setup and taken down very quickly for portable use)?
  3. Ideal budget: Assuming price directly relates to quality of product, what is my ideal budget ceiling for the total project? $7500, $7500-$12500, $12500-$20000, $20000-$30000, $30000-$50000.
  4. Would I like this golf simulator to have the ability to play other sports on it like baseball, hockey, or soccer?
  5. Would I like my golf simulator to double as a movie theater for my family also?
  6. What are the total dimensions of my space? Length x Width x Height
  7. Does my room have any chance of flooding?
  8. Would I like to play in online tournaments?
  9. Would I like the flooring of this space to double as a professional grade putting green?
  10. Is there a lot of sunlight that gets into this room?


Home Golf Simulators