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Our Portable Golf Simulators are now for sale! These patented inflatable golf simulators are manufactured right here in the USA and are built to order. You’ll be able to fully customize your inflatable golf simulator as you’re guided through the building process by one of our GPD Professionals.

It always helps to save a few bucks. We have demo golf simulators selling at a reduced rate!

To inquire about purchasing a simulator please contact us below:

Who can benefit from owning an inflatable golf simulator?

  • Event rental companies
  • Golf equipment companies looking to showcase their products on the go
  • Golf simulator companies looking to setup demos and events in less setup time
  • Country clubs that can use a mobile simulator in multiple locations or with limited space
  • Malls, airports, and other retail locations looking to drive traffic to certain areas of their space
  • Trade show companies looking to drive traffic to quieter spaces on the floor
  • Companies looking for a way to attract more customers to their booth at trade shows
  • Tech companies that want to show off the capabilities of their projectors, speakers, computers and more!
  • Major league sports teams for fan engagement setups
  • Colleges, universities, and high school golf programs
  • Golf professionals who want to be able to teach golf in their backyard or anywhere!
  • Event venues looking for a unique

Ready to join our team and see portable golf simulators for yourself?

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