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Golf Pro Delivered

The Team

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Golf Pro Delivered was founded in May of 2016 by PGA Professional Jeff Wibben as a coaching and golf simulator business. Our original specialty back then was mobile golf events and coaching, where we would build golf simulators on site just for the day to engage people who would never go to a golf course. After building hundreds of setups for corporate and private events, we began installing higher end simulators in people’s homes and for commercial spaces.

We have grown much since then, and have now completed over 100 golf simulator builds and done business in over 15 states around the U.S.

We have 4 full time employees and our full time CEO Founder Jeff Wibben running each project. We currently install golf simulators for tech companies like Foresight Sports, Trackman, Uneekor, About Golf, Optishot, Skytrak, Trugolf, and Ernest Golf.

Our staff is highly trained and prepared to take on a wide variety of space shapes and sizes to make the best golf simulators possible.

Golf Simulator Experts


Founder & CEO

Jeff is a PGA Professional and Founder of Golf Pro Delivered, a mobile-golf-event company that brings portable golf simulators and PGA Pros to corporate events around the country. From rooftops in NYC, to backyards in California, his portable golf setups allow his team to introduce golf to people that normally wouldn't go to a golf course. The company has a focus on professional service and instruction, and also prides itself as being a one of the most world-class entertainment additions to Fortune 500 Companys' event lineups. To date, Jeff and his team have given over 25,000 golf lessons. The GPD team has also become experts at permanent golf simulator installations, and has even come up with their own line of mobile golf simulators that setup in just minutes. Jeff is passionate about creating positive change, and he loves helping people. His personal mission through GPD is helping more people experience golf, especially women and minorities, because he's seen how much it'll help enrich your life. Since graduating Coastal Carolina University in 2013, Jeff developed his golf teaching philosophies while working as a pro at Pebble Beach in California, and in 2016 - started his dream of owning his own business. His life motto is - Leave every person, place, and thing better off that you found them.

General Manager

Steve is one of the longest standing members of Golf Pro Delivered who was with Jeff in the early days when the inflatable golf simulators first hit the streets at events. Steve left GPD in 2018 to pursue fitness, but made his return full time in 2021 as the home golf simulator install division was accelerating and hiring on more staff. As a former high school golfer and personal trainer, Steve is a passionate player and loves to see people get stronger and increase distance. He's known around the office as Thor, and famous for hitting irons off the tee over 300 yards. Steve carries a 1 handicap, and we are not yet sure if he is fully mortal or not, but we will keep you posted. Steve has a TPI level one certification and plans to continue his education in the golf/fitness space as a golf professional. He also has a business degree from Stony Brook University with a background in Treasury/Finance. It's this blend of golf and business that makes Steve a perfect fit for GPD and his position as General Manager. Steve is big on a good company culture, through empowering the staff to always be thinking like an owner. and to see things from the eyes of the customer if we want to always be our best.

Project & Events Coordinator

James Eugene served 12 proud years in the United States Marine Corps, including four tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. He found his love of golf post military service as a form of therapy, which later turned into a passion and an opportunity to continue serving his community. James is known for his can-do attitude, and willingness to get the job done no matter what it takes. Around the office and on jobsites, you’ll hear James firing up the team’s energy with his “Let’s Go Boys!” chant. James’ is currently a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) golf professional and has a vision of taking that a lot further. His number one goal is to become a class A PGA Professional and inspire hope to people everywhere that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Project Manager

Joe first fell in love with golf at 11 years old, when he and his dad would hit chip shots on the lawn into a flower pot. Fast forward to middle school, Joe was becoming a great junior golfer and he made the JV golf team in 7th grade. By 8th grade, he was put on the high school varsity team where he met Jeff & Steve Wibben, and as teammates on the golf team they won the County Championship in 2009. After high school, Joe lost the passion for golf and found it in other things such as lifting, fishing, paintball and bowling. Joe is known around GPD for bowling over thirty 300 games and we'll be sponsoring him if he ever joins the PBA. For work, Joe has always been a hands on kind of guy with backgrounds of roofing, scaffolding and security/AV work. With a major in OCD and a minor in perfectionism, Joe has been an incredible asset to GPD as our lead project manager. Joe's main role is to assure every build comes out perfectly, and that our team's install operations are moving safely, efficiently, and on time. Joe is also a neat freak, so you'll be able to eat off your jobsite floor when he's done with it. After starting with GPD in 2021, Joe has re-discovered his love for golf. On any given weeknight, you can find Joe in our HQ practicing on our simulators while listening to his workout playlist music.

Account Manager

Ryan has been working as an Account Manager with Golf Pro Delivered since July of 2021. Before coming to GPD, Ryan worked as a Project Manager for telecommunications construction company While being one of the youngest team members at GPD, Ryan might have the oldest taste in music. If you hear the Grateful Dead or Allman Brothers on a job site, it doesn't take much to figure out who's playing the music. Ryan graduated from Siena College in 2017 with a degree in Business Administration and minoring in Information Systems. Ryan grew up playing both Baseball and Football, followed by playing for Siena's Rugby team while away at school. After college, Ryan has been playing almost exclusively golf, with some slow pitch softball mixed in.