Virtual PGA Golf Classes

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Welcome To Our Virtual Golf Academy

A series of live online golf classes that are highly interactive, fun, and a great way to connect people from anywhere.

Welcome to our Virtual Golf Classes, where you can join live with a real PGA Golf Coach walking you through fun and informative golf experiences. Our classes are made for everyone, from beginners to avid golfers, each designed with its own unique flare. All Programs are designed by our PGA company founder, Jeff Wibben, a former Pebble Beach Pro & veteran coach who has taught over 10,000 golf lessons.

Virtual PGA Golf Classes
Virtual PGA Golf Classes

We have a variety of specialty golf classes like Power Golf, where we bring in a TPI Certified golf and fitness expert. Over 80% of PGA Tour winners have a TPI Fitness coach, so you and your guests will learn to stretch, workout, and swing just like the best golf athletes in the world.

Our Classes

Use everyday items you can find in your home to learn and improve your golf game! We will take you through real PGA Pro drills using everyday items you can find in your house in a light-hearted, funny, and educational class. Follow along with the instructor through multiple practice drills & games, or just sit back and enjoy the class and take notes for future reference.

What to bring:  If you’d like to participate along with the instructor, please come prepared with the following items: Sand wedge, a putter, one golf ball, new toilet paper roll, $.25 (quarter), book, coffee pod, post It note stack, hand towel, laundry basket, wristwatch, a chair, & a facemask.

Get ready to hit longer drives! The class is both physical and instructional, and is meant for anyone looking to hit the ball farther. Follow along with one of our PGA golf professionals and TPI Certified golf-fitness experts through stretches, workouts, and golf practice drills to help you maximize your game. Over 80% of winners on the PGA Tour have a TPI certified coach, so you’ll be learning the same moves the help the best players in the world perform their best.

What to bring: If you’d like to participate along with the instructors, please come prepared with the following items: Yoga mat, athletic clothing, water, a towel & a driver

New to golf? This class is for you! Join us in the most welcoming and simple class we offer as we learn the basics of how to get started in golf. This class covers swing techniques, and also other concepts such as “dress-code expectations, basic etiquette, and a real plan of how to get into the game”.

What to bring: If you’d like to participate along with the instructors, please come prepared with the following items: A putter, 7-iron, a notepad and pen, and a golf ball.

This one is for you ladies! This class is back by popular demand and is designed specifically for women to connect, learn, and have some fun together virtually learning golf. This class is open to all skill levels and will be interactive with a variety of activities and practice drills you can do remotely.

What to bring: If you’d like to participate along with the instructors, please come prepared with the following items: A putter, 7-iron, a notepad and pen, a golf ball, and your favorite beverage. ***Male or female instructors available upon request.

This class is designed for golfers with handicaps under 20, and is focused on how to score like a pro from 100 yards and in. Learn how to hit tour quality wedge shots, shots around the green, bunker techniques, and how to putt like a pro going through several putting games.

What to bring: If you’d like to participate along with the instructors, please come prepared with the following items: This class requires a putter, golf ball, and at least one wedge (56° sand wedge suggested).

This class is designed for single digit handicaps, who are ready to take their game to the next level. Explore advanced putting, chipping, and full swing drills and techniques used by the pros. There is also a focus on specifically how to master your ball flight, so that you can be more in-control of your game and score better.

What to bring: : If you’d like to participate along with the instructors, please come prepared with the following items: A full set of clubs, a few golf balls, a yoga mat, two alignment sticks, a ladder, 3 water bottles, a small chipping net, and ideally more open space (suggest a clear 20’L x 10’W)


Group Events (Less than 100 attendees): $1000 per 60 minute session / $500 per 30 minute session

Large Group Events (101-500 attendees): $1000 per 60 minute session / $500 per 30 minute session PLUS an additional fee of $5 per person above 100 attendees

**Please note that virtual event reservations through the website are requests only. Once your request is received by our team, we will reach out to you to rsvp to the date requested at our earliest convenience.**

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Virtual PGA Golf Classes

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Not a problem! Go ahead and grab an umbrella, a cane, a short broom, a plastic vacuum hose attachment, or a anything else you can find that you can hold onto and learn to swing!

For groups under 20, we recommend all participants leaving their video and audio ON so our instructor(s) can give live feedback and people can ask questions live. For groups over 20, we recommend keeping video ON, and audio MUTED, and we’ll use the chat feature for flagging questions. In both cases, the pro(s) will be able to give live feedback to those with video on. If there are privacy restrictions for a certain group, our instructors also prepare for sessions with no interaction and they will just run through the program start to finish.

We recommend one hour for every class we do, with 30 minutes being the minimum class time we offer.

We recommend adding the “What to bring” section on the class list above into your invite email, or flier beforehand so people can come prepared.

We recommend having at least a clear 10’ long x 10’ wide x 9’ tall clear space to be able to swing freely.

500 is the normal max we host, if you have a larger group please let us know and we can discuss hosting platform requirements.

Payment is due in full to reserve your event date. The rate is fully refundable if cancelled outside of 60 days, and 50% refundable if cancelled inside 60 days. If you need to reschedule, you can request a new date at no penalty, but we won’t be able to guarantee the new date requested.

Our pros can join onto any platform you’d like to host the meeting on. If you need, we are fully prepared to host the event on our own zoom platform as well, and we can send you over a zoom link to send to your group. 

No moderator is needed, our pro(s) can fully handle the room by themselves. If you would like to have one of your moderators sit in on the session, they are more then welcome to. We’d recommend your moderator and our pro join onto the call 15-20 minutes beforehand to make sure they’re on the same page as far as introductions, chat room, etc go. 

We do not, but you’ll see some basic terms and conditions in your Quickbooks invoice that’ll come over upon reservation.

We can send you a bio of our PGA Pro(s), along with some photos you can use for promotion of the class. Please remind your group that these classes are designed to be highly interactive (cameras on please), and that they should come prepared with the list of items recommended. We also welcome and encourage you to promote on your social media, or email out to your database.

No sessions may be recorded for future use or distribution of any kind. However, we have allowed past clients to rent a live recording for a fee to play back later. If you’re facing challenging multi-time zone restrictions, please contact us at and we can help find a good solution for you

Our instructors shoot live from our studio in NY, with studio up lighting and 300+ MBPS internet speed, which allows for a disruption free and professional performance.

Events may be booked out 24 months in advance. Full payment is required upfront to book a date, which is fully refundable if cancelled outside of 60 days from the event date. There is no contract required to book events with us, there’s only minimum terms and conditions you’ll receive with your Quickbooks invoice upon reservation.

Yes, classes have been customized before, to add new creative games and programs to match certain groups themes or styles. If you have a specific request, it’ll need to be reviewed by our Director of Golf Instruction Jeff Wibben first to see if it’s something we can accommodate.

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